Houde Family Farm

Proud Member of the Organic Valley Family of Farms

We are a small family run Organic dairy farm in Northeastern Vermont.

Tina and I and our nine children started milking cows in 2002. We raised our animals for meat and were amazed at the difference. Our meats were tastier, fresher, and healthier for us. We started selling to our neighbors and friends and everyone told us how good the meats were.

David and Tina Houde

697 Kitchel Hill Road

Saint Johnsbury, Vermont 05819


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Our pigs are Heritage breeds that are raised on natural grain and waste organic milk in open airy pens. Some of the breeds are Tamworth, Hampshire and Hereford. These breeds are known to be very lean, hardy and tasty. The Tamworths are our favorite but the crosses of these are exceptional as well. Matthew feeds and cleans them and keeps a very close eye on their health. He also chases them when they get out!

The bulls from our dairy operation are raised as grass fed veal and for steers. This also gives us consistency and utilizes a part of our operation that was sold off before. The steers are 95% grass fed. They are fed a grass based diet with some organic grain.

I have been farming since 1976 and really enjoy raising healthy, happy animals with my family!